Furan based surfactants, sustainable chemical products

Our furan-based surfactants can be formulated to meet specific targets for different applications delivering strong environmental credentials.

How it is made

Our furan based surfactant is produced through our Ecosaf technology using waste biomass as raw material.

Benefits of this process

Our goal is to license our technology so that chemical producers can benefit from this green technology to create their own cleaning products. If you are looking for a sustainable chemical alternative, get in touch with us to discuss working together.

What sets us apart

New class of biobased surfactants

Which can deliver strong green credentials to your final formulation which offsets the carbon emissions.

Benefits in hard water

Furan surfactants are well known to exhibit high resistance in calcium rich environment avoiding the usage of builders.

Benefits in cold washing.

The formulation delivers high performances in cold washing, allowing to reduce the energy usage in a laundry washing and offset the carbon footprint.

A trade-off between price and performances

With this product we aim to deliver a cost-effective cleaning product which can perform as well as the conventional fossil fuel based ones.

Our Furan building blocks

Step 1

The hemicellulosic fraction is used to produce furan based building blocks.

Step 2 & 3

This is catalytically treated in further two steps to create the functionality required for the synthesis of the surfactant.

Step 4

In the last step, we perform a sulfonation to produce our final surfactant.

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