Turning the Chemical Industry Clean, Efficient and Sustainable

Most of the commodity chemicals are oil based, strongly contributing to CO2 emissions

A new alternative feedstock to produce new chemicals from sustainble source is highly needed to produce carbon neutral products allowing to reduce climate change effect

Biomass reppresents a sustainable feedstock and a waste from agriculatural activities. It is readly available in all countries and reppresents a potential solution to satisfy internal consumer demand. Today is mostly burned with no added value.

Surfactants are commodity chemicals which finds application in different consumer and industrial sectors

Main applications are in cleaning, agriculture, painting, polymerization and other minor applications such as pharamaceuticals and electronics. The most commercialized surfactant today are the linear benzene sulfonate (LAS).

Cleaning and personal care products use surfactants as active ingridients for detergency

Linear alkyl benzene sulfonate finds large application in cleaning products especially in laundry products. It is highly appreciated in the market for its low cost and high performances.

Commercial biobased surfactants cannot achieve same performances as the oil based ones

Current 100 % biobased detergents are expensive and cannot deliver specific performances in cleaning. For this reason the market struggle to expand. We aim to mind the gap between green and conventional detergents.

EcoSAF is our new patent-pending technology which delivers a new class of surfactants derived from biomass

Waste biomass and vegetable oil are our feedstock

The feedstock is transformed into intermediate chemicals

These are transformed into our final surfactant called SAF through a 3 step process

CEO Dr. Amir Al Ghatta presenting EcoSAF

SAF delivers performances superior compared current biobased surfactants and similar to the oil based ones

Our results have confirmed that SAF exhibits remarkable stain removal from cotton and polyester fabric, making it a potential player in the laundry industry

About Us

Dr. Amir Al Ghatta

Large accademic research experience in Green Chemistry, Sustainability and Catalysis

Raul Aravena

Research and industrial experience is Circular Economy

Prof. Jason P. Hallett

Professor of Sustainable Chemical Technology. Co-founder of four start-up companies in the field of sustainability

Tony Martin

40 years of commercial and technical experience in the surfactant industry

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