Sustainable, biobased surfactants for cleaning products and industrial applications

By using agricultural waste as feedstock, we have developed a new process to produce highly efficient and green surfactants for cleaning products.

Innovative and efficient

Our technology

Our chemical process exploits readily available feedstock to produce new surfactants for cleaning products.

Similar performance to traditional, oil-based detergents
Better performance than other bio-based detergents on the market
Low cost and widely available chemical feedstock

Surfactants are commodity chemicals which finds application in different consumer and industrial sectors

Main applications are in cleaning, agriculture, painting, polymerization and other minor applications such as pharamaceuticals and electronics. The most commercialized surfactant today are the linear benzene sulfonate (LAS).

Our services

For sulfonators

Ecosaf offers furan-based hydrophobes to facilitate precise testing in sulfonation plants, optimising manufacturing processes.

Test of a new hydrophobe in the falling film reactor or other sulfonation techniques
Add a new green surfactant in their portfolio that can be applied in several applications
Implement new know-how in sulfonation process

Product development

We have expertise in the assessment of cleaning formulations and development of new task specific detergents through utilization of statistical software and know how.

Design formulations with task specific actions to target specific stains to satisfy costs and environmental criteria.
Implementation of new surfactants in cleaning formulations with strong clean credentials.
Reduce the usage of builders

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The problem with detergents

Linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS) is the most commercialized surfactant, particularly in laundry products, which is derived from fossil fuels.

96% of cleaning products are fossil-fuel based
Creates 1 billion tonnes of CO2 per year.

Bioataraxis has the solution

In answer to this we have created EcoSaf, a non-toxic, biodegradable and sustainable detergent made from bio-waste from agricultural activities as its chemical feedstock.

Products made from agricultural bio-waste
Superior cleaning over traditional detergents
Our goal

We aim to bridge the gap between conventional and green detergents.

Our technology delivers better performance than comparable bio-based products. The current market for bio-based laundry detergents is struggling to expand because products are expensive and have limited performance.

Our achievements thus far


We completed our pre-seed funding round with a total value of £1.3 million through grants and capital investment.


We are focussed on developing and scaling up  EcoSaf technology with the aim of licensing our technology to chemical producers.


EcoSaf won first place in the UK National Final of Climate Launchpad and went on to pitch our technology at the European finals, where we were placed 9th in the Regional Final.

Our supporters and collaborators